Development of manufacturing processes

Materials research

  • Ultrafine structures in metallic materials
  • Use of transformation-induced plasticity in forming of steel
  • Microalloyed steels for thin-walled castings with improved mechanical properties
  • Production of components of high-purity steels for power industry equipment
  • Development of high-strength low-alloyed steels
  • Multi-phase steels with very good cold formability and high strength upon final deformation
  • Rapid carbide spheroidisation
  • Accelerated annealing processes for steels

Measurement and testing

Consultancy and training

Thanks to the long-standing experience of our research scientists who implement innovation and manufacturing optimisation concepts for our clients, COMTES FHT a.s. can offer consultancy and specialist training at multiple levels and in several fields.

Metallic materials and their processing technologies

Whether it concerns fundamental knowledge of metallic materials or complex expertise in innovating the production portfolio, our research scientists can develop tailored specialist training in various fields: optimisation of manufacturing routes, selection of alternative materials, and others.

Preparation of R&D projects

Since its founding, COMTES FHT a.s. has successfully prepared applications for public aid for its own and its partners’ research and development projects.

On behalf of companies, we can prepare conceptual proposals for projects and then develop full project documentation for public tenders concerning not only basic research (e.g. for the Czech Science Foundation), but mainly applied research. We have experience with national projects (funded from, for instance, the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic and Operational Programmes of the EU), as well as international schemes (EUREKA, EUROSTARS, Framework Programme of the EU and RFCS).



Aug 16, 2017

COMTES FHT became sponsor of the international conference ICPMAT 2017. ... more

COMAT 2016

Mar 8, 2017

The articles included in the review process were published in the journal IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) ... more

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