Thermophysical measurement

  • Measurement of density Thermophysical measurement
  • Measurement of specific heat
  • Measurement of thermal conductivity coefficient
  • Measurement of linear thermal expansion coefficient
  • Dilatometric analysis of phase transformations (CCT and TTT diagrams)
  • Tribological measurement and measurement of wear resistance

Thermophysical measurement
Determination of wear rate and friction coefficient for various materials and environments (lubricants, atmospheres, and others) using a high-temperature tribometer of the pin-on-disc type. The measurement can be carried out from ambient temperature up to 800 °C. As part of the measurement of wear intensity, the specimen profile is mapped using a high-accuracy profilometer. With this equipment, it is possible to determine the standard surface roughness parameters (Ra, Rz, and others).

Thermophysical measurement

Thermophysical measurement







Magnetic measurement

Measurement of magnetic properties of bulk ferromagnetic materials

  • Measurement of magnetic induction response: B-H loop or commutation loop
  • Measurement of relative permeability: magnetic permeability vs. magnetic field intensity

Bar specimens: Ø10 mm, min. length of 100 mm.
Any (discrete) level of magnetic field intensity can be used for the measurement, up to 100 kA/m.



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