COMTES FHT a.s. as a research company participates on many national and international projects In this section you can find the important information about our projects. An up-to-date list of the projects is available in the Central Register of Projects at The results of R&D achieved in projects and in collaborative and contract research efforts with industrial partners are also available at For further information please contact us at comtes(at)


Some of our largest projects include:

Science and Technology Park

vizualizace VTP

COMTES FHT a.s. built a Science and Technology Park in its neiborhood in Dobřany. The complex of three buildings were finished in 2019. It includes laboratories, workshops, office rooms but also a multifunctional hall, an electric car charger or a kindergarten. The Science and Technology Park will offer an interesting background for spin-offs, start-ups and other technologically oriented firms from Pilsen Region.

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logo HORIZONT 2020

The share of renewable energy is growing rapidly driven by the objective to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The amount of electric power which can be supplied to the grid depends on the time of the day and weather conditions. A conventional fleet of thermal power plants is required to compensate for these fluctuations before large scale energy storage technologies will be mature and economically viable. All power market projections expect this to be the case for the next 50 years at least. For a strong expansion of renewables, this fleet has to operate flexibly at competitive cost. Current power plants cannot fill this role immediately without impeding their efficiency and engine lifetime through increased wear and damage induced by the higher number of (shorter) operating/loading cycles. New technologies need to be introduced to balance demand peaks with renewable output fluctuations at minimal fuel consumption and emissions without negative effects on cycling operation. The FLEXTURBINE partners have developed a medium to long term technology roadmap addressing future and existing power plants. The FLEXTURBINE project presented hereafter is the first step in such technology roadmap and consists of: (1) new solutions for extended operating ranges to predict and control flutter, (2) improved sealing and bearing designs to increase turbine lifetime and efficiency by reducing degradation/damages, and (3) an improved lifecycle management through better control and prediction of critical parts to improve competitive costs by more flexible service intervals and planned downtime, and by reducing unplanned outages. In all areas, individual technologies will be developed from TRL 3 to TRL 4-6. FLEXTURBINE brings together the main European turbine manufacturers, renowned research institutes and universities. It involves plant and transmission system operators to include user feedback and to prepare the take-up of the FLEXTURBINE technologies in power plants world-wide.

West-Bohemian Centre of Materials and Metallurgy (WBCMM)

WBCMM building

The West-Bohemian Centre of Materials and Metallurgy is a regional research centre specializing in the development of advanced metallic materials and technologies for their manufacture and processing. The Centre develops processes for controlled microstructures of steels, sections from nanostructured titanium, which can be used in stomatology or surgery, and special alloys and superalloys for nuclear engineering.

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