Research Centre Is Entering a New Phase

After four years, the ambitious project of building a centre of research into metallic materials and their production processes has come to an end. COMTES FHT, the company behind the endeavour, can now – with a feeling of relief – report a success.

On 24 February 2015, a celebratory presentation of the project’s results took place in the metallurgical hall of the West-Bohemian Centre of Materials and Metallurgy. At present, a new phase of the Centre’s life commences: the five-year period of sustainability. The event was attended by Ms. Rut Bízková, the Chairwoman of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, Mr. Ivo Grüner, Deputy of the President of the Region for regional development, Arnošt Marks, PhD, deputy to the Deputy Prime Minister for Research and Development, the Mayor of the town of Dobřany, Mr. Martin Sobotka, and many other notable guests.

The Chairman of the Board and Executive Director of the Centre, Mr. Libor Kraus informed the audience about the results achieved by researchers in the first period of the Centre’s existence and outlined the plans for the next five years. He emphasized that the well-established Centre = COMTES FHT a.s. focuses on research and development of a wide range of metal-based materials. These materials find use in metallurgy, mechanical and civil engineering, power generation and other fields, such as health care. After guests’ speeches, the visitors had the opportunity to see a monumental press of 2,500-tonne force forge a product without intervention by any operators. The unique show was followed by a buffet reception.

You can find information about the reception at WBCMM in many news sources in the form of articles, TV spots and press releases. (ZAK TV, Plzeňský deník, Česká tisková kancelář, Český rozhlas and others).

Ing. Libor Kraus

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