Computer modelling

SimulationsWe carry out simulations of manufacturing processes, involving predominantly various hot and cold forming processes and heat treatment. Some of our simulations are intended for research and development projects and others are performed as part of industry contracts.

The development of computer models and subsequent numerical simulations are carried out using DEFORM™, a finite element method-based tool. The DEFORM system enables us to simulate static load applications (elastic deformation and creep) and the effects of large deformation in hot and cold forming processes. The simulations provide predictions of temperature, strain and stress distributions and material flow for each time instant of the forming process. In addition, it is possible to establish the nature of the load acting on tools (mechanical and thermal) and the time dependence of total forming forces.

By means of the DEFORM HT module, we can also simulate heat treatment and thermomechanical treatment processes. In addition to the evolution of temperature, stress and strain fields, we can also obtain information on the resulting microstructure (phase composition and grain size), hardness and residual stresses in the material.

Besides simulations of forming processes on a continuum scale, we carry out simulations of microforming processes (< 1 mm3), using the crystal plasticity theory.

Simulated processes:

  • Open-die and closed-die forging
  • Tube production
  • Rolling
  • Extrusion
  • Hydroforming
  • Special forming methods (ECAP, CGP and HPT)
  • Microforming
  • Heat and thermomechanical treatment
  • Heating (furnace heating by electrical induction and resistance)


Simulation systems DEFORM 2D, DEFORM 3D and DEFORM HT  
JMatPro software for computing properties of materials  

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