• Microstructure examination
  • Electron probe microanalysis
  • Fractography – fracture surface analysis
  • Determination of area fraction of phases by means of image analysis
  • Measurement of grain size
  • Metallographic determination of non-metallic inclusion content
  • Microscopic measurement of layer thickness
  • Metallographic evaluation of the microstructure of cast iron
  • End quench hardenability tests
  • Measurement of hardness (in our laboratories and on site)
  • Macroscopic investigation of machine components

The metallographic laboratory is testing laboratory no. 1476 accredited by the Czech Accreditation Institute:

Equipment of the laboratory

  • Nikon and Carl Zeiss microscopes (50× – 1000× magnification), a fully-automatic motorized stage (for photographing large areas extending beyond a single field of view), software for digital processing of image and image analysis
  • Durascan automatic microhardness tester (Vickers scale HV 0.01 – HV10)
  • Instrumented nanoindentor - NanoTest Vantage: Load range: from 10 μN to 500 mN (resolution 3 nN)
  • JEOL scanning electron microscopes
  • Detectors: secondary electron (SE) detector, backscattered electron (BSE) detector, INCA detector for energy-dispersive spectrometry (EDS) from Oxford Instruments and HKL NORDLYS EBSD high-speed camera
  • Other equipment: ion-beam polisher for preparing specimens for scanning electron microscopy – analysis of grains and subgrains, low-angle and high-angle grain boundaries and texture and crystallographic identification of phases
Grains Weld
Microstructure of quenched and tempered steel etched to reveal prior austenite grain boundaries

Close-up view of weld


Longitudinal section through a specimen after physical simulation of thermomechanical treatment. Specimen length: approx. 15  mm; specimen width: 6  mm. This micrograph was taken using an optical microscope with an automatic stage and pasted together from 28 fields of view.

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