The department of Development design deals with the design of jigs, tools and forming tools, optimization of structures, and reverse engineering.

Design of jigs and machines

The basic activity of our development design is the design from simple jigs, through testing machines to entire test systems. Strength design calculations are part of the design.

  • testing systems
  • testing machines
  • jigs for mechanical tests
  • jigs for metallographic analyses
  • jigs for forming equipment

 Design of forming tools

The design of forming tools geometries for forming processes numerical simulations is the supporting activity of the development design.

  • dies for forging
  • profile rolls
  • cutting tools

Design optimization

Part of the development design is parametric and topological optimization of designs using computational tools. These techniques are used for 3D printing models.

  • topological optimization
  • parametric optimization
 Topologicky optimalizovaný díl

Reverse engineering

The last activity is the reversal of existing components. We provide scanning of small and medium parts

  • 2D dimensional measurement
  • 3D dimensional measurement
  • online and offline measurement before and after loading


Laboratory Equipment :

  • software for design in 3D CATIA, SolidWorks, and SolidEdge
  • simulation systems ABAQUS a MARC 





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